Thursday, August 23, 2012

day 50 - addendum (3 questions about 100 days of summer)

1) From your own works so far, which day is your personal favourite?

My favorite among my own entries is "asemic poem for day 48." I am pleased with how the grey and white shades in that one turned out.

2) What approach/concept for the 100 days did you have at the start? Did it change, and if so, how?

My approach has been to post an asemic poem for each of the 100 days. I believe this approach has worked. I have not changed it, and I don't see myself changing it. I realize not everyone is familiar with asemic writing, but I have not needed to explain my postings. The other posters on 100 days of summer are all intelligent and open to nontraditional work.

3) How do you feel about the 100 days of summer so far?

What I like about the postings on 100 days of summer is the variety. It certainly isn't boring. Odd stories, spiritual poetry, digitally manipulated pics. Nope, 100 days of summer is not boring.

Thank you,
Jim Wittenberg

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